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"Seagull Designs did some SEO work for me and within 4 weeks my site was on the front page of Google for various search terms and, more importantly, my business enquires increased dramatically. I seriously don't know how they did it in such a short space of time, but they did and I'm eternally grateful. Seagull are most certainly offer excellent services and delivery every penny I have spent with Seagull dDesigns has been totally worth it!!"

Alexia Elliott

"Being with Seagull Designs greatly improved my business and I wish I went with them when I first started in business. We are now really in the 21st century thanks to Seagull Designs!"

Martin Parnell, owner
All Seasons Tree Services

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Web Design Nottingham and beyond...

Seagull Web Design Lincolnshire Seagull Designs have over 20 years of expertise in senior management, accounting, IT, marketing and web design in a range of industries. Our greater experience is in the music industry designing and running web-based royalty accounting and music publishing management systems as well as front-end secure mp3 delivery websites and bespoke interactive web applications as well as business and legal admin and consultancy. In short we are perfectly equipped to provide a complete package for any business from initial concept through branding, logo design, internal IT and financial systems to marketing, business management, public profile including web design, Web 2.0 marketing & SEO and e-commerce!

Seagull Designs Web Design Nottingham, are friendly, professional and affordable . . . and also available for freelance consulting contracts on all levels of business, finance, marketing, IT, web design, branding, graphic design and specialist coding projects.

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