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What our
clients say:

"Seagull Designs did some SEO work for me and within 4 weeks my site was on the front page of Google for various search terms and, more importantly, my business enquires increased dramatically. I seriously don't know how they did it in such a short space of time, but they did and I'm eternally grateful. Seagull are most certainly offer excellent services and delivery every penny I have spent with Seagull dDesigns has been totally worth it!!"

Alexia Elliott

"Being with Seagull Designs greatly improved my business and I wish I went with them when I first started in business. We are now really in the 21st century thanks to Seagull Designs!"

Martin Parnell, owner
All Seasons Tree Services

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Seagull Designs Portfolio

We try very hard to showcase the work we do so that prospective web design clients can see the sort of results they might aspire to for their own sites, but we all too often find that the real "clever stuff" is impossible to showcase as its buried in the code that drives the sites or the SEO results we have achieved for our clients. The following are just some of our commissions, all of which are driven by back end databases, content management systems and dynamic, modular, code.

And here are some of our sites:

Web Design Nottingham - Flirty Frox Prom Dresses Flirty Frox Prom Dresses
Brand and design using existing colours with bespoke e-commerce, content managed site with SEO dynamic optimisation and content managed bespke gallery software. ...more
Web Design Nottingham - Toni Watts Wildlife Art Toni Watts Wildlife Art
A Content managed ecommerce site including logo design and branding with a bespoke sliding gallery of dynamically served pictures. ...more
Web Design Nottingham - Seabreeze Restaurant Seabreeze Restaurant
A Content managed site designed to fit client's existing colour requirement and style. ...more
Web Design Nottingham - Holistic Health Leicester Holistic Health Leicester
A bespoke content managed site with an emphasis on the client's style and ambience. ...more
Web Design Nottingham - The Mystic Moon Shop The Mystic Moon Shop
An full e-commerce solution built on open source system "Opencart" with bespoke design elements to client specifications and bespoke opencart mods. ...more


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