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"Seagull Designs did some SEO work for me and within 4 weeks my site was on the front page of Google for various search terms and, more importantly, my business enquires increased dramatically. I seriously don't know how they did it in such a short space of time, but they did and I'm eternally grateful. Seagull are most certainly offer excellent services and delivery every penny I have spent with Seagull dDesigns has been totally worth it!!"

Alexia Elliott

"Being with Seagull Designs greatly improved my business and I wish I went with them when I first started in business. We are now really in the 21st century thanks to Seagull Designs!"

Martin Parnell, owner
All Seasons Tree Services

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Social Media Marketing

Lincolnshire Social Media Networking

Does the thought of Social Media Networking fill you with dread? Social Media, which is in many ways free or much less expensive than traditional advertising methods can quickly and effectively promote your business.

Is Social Media a new gimmick that will be over next month? The answer to that is no.. Promoting your business has moved on to a new marketing format - Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing are here to stay.

Are you up to date with the latest trends? With the fast growth of Social Media everything has changed. Scarily a group of online users with their androids are out there ready to make or break your business. Online reviews good or bad are out there in black and white for the world to see.

So you don't think you need Social Media? In 2009, the population of Facebook out grew that of the U.S.A. If Facebook were a nation, they would have 100 million more people than the U.S's 300 million. For the first time, in 2010, ending a 23 year run, Pepsi Cola pulled out of advertising in the Super Bowl switching instead to Social Media. The phenomenal growth of Social Media (texting, blogging, networking)has the attention of every major company. Social Media Management has become an essential component in today's business and a Social Media Manager can help you build a positive presence and increase your customer base.

Do you understand the do's and the don'ts of Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing has its own rules that are very different than that of traditional marketing. Its more about relationship building that pure sales. Getting your campaign right at the very start is the key to a strong and successful Social Media Strategy. Read our 5 Essential Tips to successful online marketing here.

You Need Social Media Marketing! Here at Seagull Designs we have all of the experience and advice you need to embark on this new and exciting online marketing adventure! We can provide one to one tuition, start up packages and monthly campaigns all to suit YOUR budget! Call Seagull Designs on 07966 222804 today to find out more!


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